What our clients are saying. 

"I just wanted to reiterate how well your team has performed on our project. They have been fantastic and I cannot stress enough the important roles they have excelled in and the dedication they’ve demonstrated. We would not be where we are today without your team." 

Jim Bahr – Manager of ERP Program
The AES Corporation


"S3 Consulting Group was a key contributor to the success of our project to create and validate financial records for hundreds of legal entities in our international operations ownership structures. Their extensive knowledge of accounting consolidations, currency translations, and international accounting standards were critical inputs to completing this key project on time and on budget."

Alan E Freund – Director, Global Finance Projects
The AES Corporation

"We engaged [S3 Consulting Group] to help us through our global implementation process. Their experience with the implementation and hands-on approach helped us tremendously during this process. Without their support on data structuring, mapping and conversion for a number of our local and international businesses, we would not have been able to successfully complete the implementation in the short timeframe we had."  

Fernando Gonzalez – Chief Financial Officer